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Dr. Anshuman Gupta

Chief Data Officer

Dr. Anshuman Gupta is a performance and result-oriented individual with an extensive work experience of over 25 years spanning various roles and industries. With a track record of game-changing transformative products in his portfolio, he holds great credibility in strategic planning, general management, and data analytics to name a few. Having previously held positions such as Director (Head- Data Science) at Cognizant, Vice President - Data Science at MiQ and Director Data Science at Pitney Bowes, Anshuman Gupta has demonstrated his commendable expertise in strategic planning, operations, general management, and driving innovation in AI, cognitive computing, and Data Analytics.


Debarati Sengupta

Chief Product Officer

Debarati Sengupta has 15+ years of experience in building scalable tech talent and learning solutions. She has created award-winning brands, certifications, and programs for developing future-ready talent in emerging technologies.
With a focus on innovative, data-driven skilling, her work has impacted over 35,000 students and professionals globally.
She is known for her leadership, execution excellence, and creative problem-solving abilities.
She holds a postgraduate degree from NYU and is completing an MBA from the Indian School of Business.


Akash Das

Capability Building Manager-Data Science

Akash Das is an exceptional professional with over 8 years of experience in data engineering, science, and analytics. He excels in a wide range of technologies, including Java, Spring Boot, Golang, .NET, MEAN, MERN, Data Engineering, Python, SQL, Big Data, Spark, PHP, Laravel, C, C++, Node-Express, and Web Development. As a seasoned trainer, SME, and solution architect, Akash specializes in delivering comprehensive training programs, mentoring individuals from diverse backgrounds, and curating tailored courses. His visionary approach and astute understanding of client requirements enable him to formulate innovative training strategies, ensuring optimal compatibility and successful deployment.

Our mentors are from

The numbers don’t lie

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Hours of Soft Skill Training
No. of Academicians
No. of Cohorts Deployed

Your Journey

From day zero to your deployment that’s how your journey will look like

Diagnosis & SWOT Analysis

The moment you join the Godfather’s family, you’ll undergo a diagnostic assessment and a SWOT analysis to unveil your strengths and weaknesses.

In-person Credible Training

Once we identify your strengths and weaknesses, you’ll undergo a rigorous 8-12 week-long training program consisting of 514+ hours of technical training along with 114+ hours of soft skill training for your holistic development.

Backward Upskilling

With our backward upskilling approach, you’ll get trained exactly as per the business’s specific tech/tool/domain requirements ensuring a seamless deployment.

Hands on Industry Experience

During the 2 months of training, you’ll get hands-on experience with emerging tools and technologies, real-time work simulations and multiple capstone projects to give you a first-hand experience of the ever-evolving tech industry.

Interpersonal Skill Development & Interviews

The extensive 2-month training program also focuses on honing your interpersonal skills. Successive mock interviews and in-house elocution activities further help concrete your holistic skills and ensure a seamless deployment with our Fortune 500 client partners.

What happens in the Futurense Academy?

Immerse yourself in a dynamic work environment where learning comes above all!


Learn from the best in the industry through our immersive in-person training programs with the CEO and leadership.

Industry Connect

Gain practical experience and develop problem-solving skills through real-time work simulations along with an opportunity to engage with industry experts through IC sessions

Team-building Activities

Participate in offsite team-building activities, enjoyable outings, and a variety of engaging experiences that foster a positive work environment.


It’s not always extensive training at the academy. You also get to indulge in fun events and celebrations that help you rejuvenate at our thriving campus!

24x7 Assistance

Count on our dedicated support to address your challenges and provide tailored solutions, be it technical or the non-technical ones.

Community Family

Get to be a part of a lifelong network where growth and success comes along with fun and frolic.

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