Value Proposition

This idea came to us after observing EdTech companies charging Talent hefty amounts without ensuring no learning outcomes.

On the other hand, rather than upskilling, staffing firms viewed talent as a commodity and resorted to body-shopping, failing to understand GenZ, which was not interested in working for staffing firms that functioned in a transactional manner.

But we are different!

At Futurense, we are extremely invested in the process of talent development. Our focused approach on end-to-end Talent ownership and spot Talent is based on the Gurukul system which ensures that you find an ideal fit and is known for finding, nurturing, upskilling, and retaining the right talent for you!

The Talent You Won’t Refuse!

Gurukul Style Environment

Upskilling process modelled upon the Gurukul style of teaching in-person.

Backward Upskilling

Going backward to tailor the Talent as per the business requirements.

Pay upon satisfaction

Pay only when the talent is onboard. No prior commitments!

Extraordinary Interview-to-Hire Ratio

The best-in-class interview to hire ratio.

Immediate Onboarding

Instant onboarding within 24 hours.

Talent on the Go!

Zero notice period to serve.

Post-deployment Assistance

24x7 post-job assistance ensuring that your resources don’t waste their billable time.

Post-deployment Upskilling

Post-deployment upskilling with the IITs and IIMs.

Talent Retention

Retention hooks like ESOPs & Upskilling opportunities to ensure an industry-low attrition rate.

Our Proprietary Model

You won’t refuse as we offer the very best! We go by our proprietary HUDDLE model wherein we take care of everything from initial pan-India sourcing of Talent, training customised as per your business needs, ownership of the onboarded Talent, deployment at your Organisation, to post-deployment assistance.



Omnichannel & Guerilla Reach coupled with multi-layered screening.



Talent upskilled as per your requirements through in-person end-to-end training.



Dynamic & real-time projects to develop the right and relevant Talent before they come to you.



Extra-ordinary interview-to-hire ratio.



Post-deployment Exec-Ed upskilling from the IITs/IIMs.



Dynamic youth-driven work culture with best retention hooks like ESOPs and more!

Join Hands with Us


We had an urgent requirement for about 30 immediate joining Data Engineers. The time-consuming process of finding the right and reliable candidates is taxing. With Futurense, we onboarded all the candidates within a week. The quality of Talent is also top-notch.

Head, Talent Acquisition & Management (Fortune 500 Automobile Company)

The analysed hiring helps you avoid making mistakes in finding the relevant candidate. The weekly evaluation of the candidate during the training period gives you more insight into how the candidate will tend to perform in the future. This helps you save more of your time and resources.

Sr. Business Analytics Leader (Leading Analytics company)

We have worked with a few staffing companies in the past and we have never seen any of them taking complete ownership of the Talent. Once the Talent is onboarded, it was our headache to see if the candidate is performing up to the mark and upskilled as per the business’s needs. Futurense takes complete ownership. With the paradigm shift in technological advancements, Futurense upskilled their deployed candidates as per our needs, saving us a lot more of our resources and time.

Head of Data Science & Engineering (Fortune 100 BFSI Company)

The candidates are updated and aware of emerging technologies. Their contribution to our concern is undeniable. We see future leaders in them and we believe that we can progress further and reach new heights with these extremely efficient and talented minds.

Sr. Talent Acquisition Manager (Leading Online Retail Company)

The backward upskilling approach taken by Futurense caters to your exact business requirements and gets you the Talent you need. The candidates are upskilled and nurtured as per your need which ensures that there is no gap between the business’s demand and the required quality of the Talent in terms of skills and abilities. The relationship with Futurense has been very efficient as it has helped us save a lot of resources.

Head - Data Science, Data Analytics, and Data Engineering (Fortune 500 Healthcare Company)


Will I have to pay something if I don’t like the candidate you upskilled?

We only charge when the talent is onboard. If you don’t like the candidate, you won’t be charged.

What all skill sets do you offer?

We offer skill sets as per your business’s needs. We train and upskill the talent as per your requirements.

What do you mean by Gurukul approach?

We have created a Gurukul-style training environment where students get in-person training instead of online training. We also provide free-of-cost accommodation and food where the candidates get to relive their college days and build connections with their peers.

What will be the interview-to-hire ratio?

We have an extraordinary interview-to-hire ratio of 10:7.

What is the notice period of the Candidate?

We offer candidates on the go. Zero Notice period to serve.

What if the candidate leaves mid-project?

Our untapped talent pool ensures reliability when it comes to candidates leaving the project midway for whatever reasons. We will get you the replacement within 24 hours.

What if we want a candidate with a specific skill set?

Our backward upskilling approach ensures that the candidate is upskilled with the exact skill set your business needs. You want it, we get it for you!

What if there's a need for a candidate to adapt to new technology or a skillset?

To upskill constantly is the need of the hour. We constantly upskill our candidates in terms of soft skills and hard skills, even after they are being deployed to keep them future-proof.

What if the candidate is facing difficulties adapting to the work?

Our 24x7 post-job assistance helps the candidates with the problems after they are deployed, be it the technical issues or the non-technical ones.

Who will take ownership of the Talent?

Futurense, as the Godfather of Talent, takes end-to-end ownership of the Talent. Our post-job assistance program ensures that the candidates get all the help required in case of any difficulties even after they are deployed with you.

What is analysed hiring?

We evaluate the candidate’s performance on a weekly basis. This evaluation helps you analyse the candidate’s tendency to perform in the Future.

How does the pricing work?

You pay upon satisfaction. You only pay when you onboard the talent, on an hourly, monthly or yearly basis.