Once you are selected, you will undergo a program that provides you with proprietary training using the 70-20-10 Futurense Framework taught by industry practitioners


Next, we will find the perfect job for you with one of our MNC clients. You will be a part of a team responsible for building the most cutting-edge technology for the company.


We will always have your back while you’re deployed with the client. Hence, we will give you the best mentors to help you avoid the mistakes you might have made in your previous job. We will endorse you for exciting projects and offer semi-annual salary incentives as well. You will also benefit from customised IIT/IIM technological courses sponsored by Futurense.


After a fruitful and productive two years of deployment, armed with valuable experience and a brand name, you will get the chance to transition to a full-time role for our client or continue to work as a Futurense Fellow.