Applicants start off by clearing a fast multi-layer screening process that includes both written tests and interviews.

Stage 1

Aptitude, Verbal, &
Logical Reasoning Test

  • 70 min
  • Candidates scoring more than 60% will be considered for the next stage
Stage 2

Coding Game

  • 12 questions to be answered in 30 min
  • Candidates scoring more than 80% will be considered for the next stage
Stage 3


  • Telephonic Round
  • Evaluation of communication skills and resumé scanning
Stage 4

Automated Video

  • A set of generic and technical questions to be answered in 30 min


Next, we pay you while we prepare you for the field by enrolling you into a 600-hour+ proprietary training using the 70-20-10 Futurense Framework taught by industry practitioners


We work with a range of MNCs, including several Fortune 500 companies, by providing talent solutions to them. Our goal is to help make the perfect match between our candidates and the hiring teams, such that it may blossom into a fruitful experience for everyone involved.


Out of sight never means out of mind at Futurense. Throughout your deployment period, we will continue to mentor you and ensure that you get a chance to work on exciting projects and receive semi-annual salary incentives. We will also help you upskill yourself by sponsoring IIT/IIM technological courses tailored for you.


All good things must come to an end… Or not. After two years of deployment, you will have the option of converting into a full-time resource for our client or continuing to work as a Futurense Fellow.