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The Godfather’s Proposal

No cost upskilling

No-cost Upskilling

Be future-proof by upskilling yourself at ZERO cost!

Earn while u learn

Earn While You Learn

Get paid based on your last CTC while receiving in-person training with a guaranteed 40-80% salary hike based on your performance during the training!

Direct Jobs

Direct Jobs

All you have to do is study; we take care of the rest! Get deployed seamlessly in your area of expertise.

Fortune 500 companies

Fortune 500 Companies

Proven track record of onboarding new talent into more than 2 dozen Fortune 500 clients and more.

Post Job assistance

Post-Job Assistance

Get 24x7 support from our subject matter experts to assist you in your job after deployment.

Dynamic work culture

Dynamic Work Culture

Our team is fun to work with! Become a part of an interesting and transparent work environment like ours!

How does it work?

Get noticed

Get Noticed

From applying to screening process, get onboarded in just 7 days!

Get Paid to Upskill

Get Paid to Upskill

Get paid to learn in-demand industry skills through industry experts as per your last CTC with a guaranteed salary hike in 60 days!

Learn from Industry Thought Leaders

Learn from Industry Thought Leaders

Receive extensive in-person training sessions by industry stalwarts through a gamified learning experience in a Gurukul-style environment, all while getting paid!

Define Your Own Paycheck

Define Your Own Paycheck

A transparent formula that ensures a guaranteed hike of 40-80%, based on your performance during the 2 months your training!

Enter the World of Fortune 500

Enter the World of Fortune 500

Work with more than 2 dozen Fortune 500 companies, multiple MNCs and more!

Get 24x7 Post-job Assistance

Get 24x7 Post-job Assistance

Round-the-clock, on-demand expert assistance post-deployment.

Exec-Ed Upskilling

Exec-Ed Upskilling

Enroll for a fully sponsored PG certification course from top IITs/IIMs once you complete 9 months with us.

After 14 Months Get a job outside Futurense with complete assistance

After 14 Months

Full-time employment with the Client / Deployment at other Futurense's Client / Get a job outside Futurense with complete assistance.

Fellow Speaks

It was a really smooth transition while moving to a new city as I was being provided with food, accommodation, and travel as well. I got a fast pace environment to learn new skills and it was very helpful. I am from the C7 batch and our trainer taught us the concepts in a very distinctive way and was always on his toes in case of doubts. I didn't face any issues while getting deployed and even after that. It has been a very good experience with Futurense till now! Thank you Futurense Team for having me!

Deepuranjan Nahak

Working in the IT industry, data always intrigued me, however, due to limited resources I was never able to pursue the same. With Futurense I got an opportunity to pursue that dream while being paid. The cherry on the top was in-person training, provided by Futurense, which helped us to gather key insights about the topic being taught and to clear the doubts in the instant. Even after the training, the support doesn't end, their post-job assistance is pretty good, and helps in solving issues be it technical or non-technical. Being in a new city requires a lot of effort in search of food, accommodation, etc., however, Futurense provided free accommodation and food for the whole training period. Apart from that, it provided a hostel-like environment where we could discuss ideas/problems with our batchmates. My overall experience with Futurense has been great so far, and I would really recommend it to the people who want to make a smooth transition into the Data Engineering field.

Jatin Aggarwal

Firstly, I am fortunate to have been selected as I had a pretty apparent gap in my technical career. Futurense just saw the potential and not the present value I could bring to the table. We got paid from the start for around 2 months, even though the net productivity from the company’s perspective was nothing and on the contrary, we were upskilled by if not the best then one of the best faculty in the domain. The mentoring sessions were really good as we got to learn about various tools and technologies like Kafka, Scala, AWS, Azure, GCP. The transition to a city like Bangalore was very smooth, all thanks to Futurense as we didn’t have to pay for our accommodation and food for the time we were getting upskilled. My overall experience with Futurenseas an employee - Is REAL good!

Varun Reddy

I was a fresher when I joined Futurense. And I was trapped in an endless loop - to get a job I need experience and to get the experience I need a job. Futurense has given me such an opportunity where I upskilled myself, got the right experience, and got paid as per industry standards, all at the same time! The courses for our upskilling i.e. Data Engineering and Cloud are one of the most in-demand courses in the IT world right now. And the plus point was in-person training, wherein we got great trainers who helped us with our doubts right at that very instant. There were one-on-one doubt clearance sessions which helped us get the concepts in a very clear way. I didn't face any issues during our interview process with the clients and even after getting. And whenever in doubt, Futurense team has always resolved my query at the earliest. Shifting to a new city is never easy. Looking for accommodation, arranging for food is quite a deal. But Futurense has provided all the assistance a person needs. We were provided with quality food and accommodation. So we never worried about anything and could just focus on our training. As a Futurense Fellow, my experience has been good so far!.

Abhishruti Mandal

It has been a good experience working with Futurense. The upskilling program has really helped to improve my skills and gain more knowledge of all the latest cutting-edge technologies. Soon after the upskilling program I was deployed and have been working with one of the top watch manufacturers in the world! Futurense team has been very helpful throughout the process. Not just with my career but Futurense has also helped me grow as a better individual . The training was really good. All the doubts were cleared and we even got hands-on experience working on different projects and case studies. We got both theoretical as well as practical knowledge. We got to work on some real-time projects as well. After the training was completed we used to have a doubt clearing session where our mentors would help us have a better understanding of the taught concepts. After getting deployed and getting used to new technologie, I faced some difficulty with the implementation. Futurense and my colleagues who were also my batchmates, really helped me get a solution. I'd surely recommend a fresher to join this company as it gives almost everything decorated on the plate. The only thing is, how do you make the most of it!

Shahrukh Inamdar

It was a good experience overall, right from the hiring process to upskilling program and then finally deployment on one of the top overseas clients. The upskilling program has helped in many ways possible, from understanding the concepts to implementing them in a real-time scenario, everything went very smoothly. Furthermore, the assistance provided as and when needed by the Futurense team, definitely helped us work confidently in the client environment and also grow as an individual. The training we got was based on the latest and cutting edge big data technologies like Spark, Hadoop, and Cloud technologies like AWS, Azure, and GCP and it has helped us a lot! The training has added so much value for every individual. When it comes to post-job assistance we got some extra training after deployment on topics like Data Warehousing which was an essential part of the project that we were working on, hence the topics covered in those sessions gave us much more clarity and some practical demonstrations helped us understand those situations more easily. Working as per client requirements is the need of the hour and this post-deployment assistance really helped a lot. It was a very smooth transition when we came to Banglore for the first time - arranging our flight tickets, providing free accommodation & food, Futurensetook care of us as its own babies! The Upskilling program and the mentorship made our deployment easier and working with a good client is always a thing that someone would ask for. Also, there were other activities organized during the weekends to track our progress and there were sessions related to how we represent ourselves, our verbal communications, etc. Overall it has been a very good journey to date with Futurense!

Sai Jillewar

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