Your Godfather in the

Era of 

AI Evolution

AI Evolution is real, and here to stay. And as with any evolution, this too brings Winners and Victims. 

Futurense, as Godfather, is here with a single mission: Ensuring Indian Tech Talent not only emerges Winners but Leaders of this new, tech-driven, AI era. 

We shall not rest until every Indian Engineer's potential is fully realised.

Our Mission
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We are committed to empowering Indian Tech Talent to achieve Global Job Readiness. By building strategic and historic partnerships with prestigious educational organisations in India and across the globe, we make upskilling and higher education accessible to all deserving candidates.

Our vision is to put India in the forefront of Innovation by democratizing the best educational opportunities at every stage.  

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Our Vision
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Our Pride

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Our achievements

Our Journey

Zero-Cost Upskill
It all began with a dream of upskilling Indian Tech Talent.
Futurense UNI
We took the next big step, and broke down boundaries!
US Pathway
We then revamped BTech to eliminate the need for additional upskilling.
US Pathway Image
Futurense Campus
We set out to realise the collective dream of all Indians - a second shot at IITs.
Futurense campus image
We sure have come a long way, but there's a longer journey ahead!
Founder & CEO of futurense
Raghav Gupta
Co-founder and CEO
Our CEO & CEO (Chief Energy Officer)

“Futurense, is all about amplifying the voices of this country's amazing tech talent!”

Raghav Gupta, our GenZ Co-founder and CEO, is all about democratising global opportunities for Indian Tech Talent.

The very definition of ‘fast-paced’, he thrives on ideas, quick plans, walks, and black coffee (an insane amount of Black Coffee!). When he's not on calls with global leaders, signing important documents, or discussing strategies with other CXOs, you'll find him among the team, brainstorming ideas, shooting fun reels, and planning success parties!

Our Geographical Footprint

We have our cute little offices sprinkled all over the country, where we nurture a vibe of growth and diversity.

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