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Top 6 Reasons To Study Master's In The US

April 25, 2024
5 mins
Top 6 Reasons To Study Master's In The US

Did you know that more than 1 million International Students have opted for the USA for their higher studies as their study abroad in 2024? As per the reports from Statista, 268,923 Indians were reportedly studying during 2022 - 2023 in the USA!

Even though Indian students have multiple choices from the globalization of education, why do they still pick the USA, and why is it so popular for Master's degrees? Without wasting any time, let us see the top six reasons to study Master’s in the US Universities.

1. World's Best Universities

According to the QS International Student Survey 2024, many students worldwide consider the US a top pick. But why?

The US boasts world-class universities like Case Western Reserve, Drexel, DePaul, Rutgers, Stony Brook, Tulane, Fairfield, Clark, Seattle, Fordham, Rider, Akron, West Texas A&M, PACE, Millsaps, and the University at Buffalo. These universities offer a winning combination of academic excellence and practical learning, making them a powerhouse for student development.  

2. Wide range of Master’s Courses in USA

American universities provide various courses and master's programs for international students. Whether to pursue an MBA, an AI-integrated course, or want to stay tech-updated for the fast-growing world, the US has advanced provision/research opportunities and world-class research centers that would match your study interests and career goals. Besides, MS degrees often have a multidisciplinary approach. It allows students to explore courses beyond their core area of study. Students get to gain both practical experience and theoretical knowledge in one go.

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3. Career Opportunities and OPT in US

Who wouldn't want a high-paying job right after their Master's Degree? That's why many students flock to the US! American universities are known for their excellent education and helping students land high-paying jobs from reputed companies. Most students land well-paying jobs and recover the cost of their education in 3 - 4 years. Wait, there's still more:

  • Global Career Options: A US Master's degree opens doors to various job opportunities across the globe.
  • Extensive Career Support: Many universities offer workshops, events, and one-on-one guidance to help students navigate career choices and build long-term success.
  • Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: The US offers a supportive environment to nurture and showcase innovative ideas, enabling a successful entrepreneurial journey for aspiring entrepreneurs.

4. Higher Salary for Master’s Graduates

Imagine landing a job at Google, Microsoft, Amazon, or Apple right after completing your Master's Degree. Sounds dreamy, right? Let's look at the average salary packages the top-ranked companies offer for various degrees in the US.  

COURSE NAME                               SALARY (INR)

Data Architect                           ₹1.04 crores annually                     

Enterprise Architect                  ₹1.13 crore annually              

Marketing Manager                   ₹83 lakhs annually              

Financial Manager                     ₹1.1 crores annually                     

Software Engineer                     ₹1.07 crores annually                     

Machine Learning Engineer      ₹1.27 crores annually        

5. Networking

Networking during the master's degree doesn't just increase the chances of securing a job after graduation; it creates a lasting network of contacts who can offer valuable guidance and connections throughout your career.

Why is a US university an ideal environment for networking?

  • Exposure to Professionals: By volunteering with relevant organizations, seeking guidance from professors, and participating in campus activities, students can connect with other professionals in the field.
  • Extensive Alumni Networks: Many US universities promote alumni networks, often exceeding 80,000 individuals globally. These alumni are often willing to mentor current students, providing insights and support.

Investing time in building the network while pursuing the master's degree helps students with a strong support system that can significantly impact their professional journey, offering mentorship, opportunities, and long-term success.  

6. Campus Life for Indian Students in the US

Studying for a Master's in the US isn't just about the textbooks! US universities offer vibrant campus life filled with exposure to students and peers from around the globe, exciting practical activities, and valuable connections for the future. Imagine a community buzzing with diverse cultures, where students can join clubs, play sports, volunteer, and explore entrepreneurship. The US education extends beyond the classroom, preparing students for their careers and ensuring an all round development.

Why Master's in the US?

In conclusion, the US is a top destination for Master's education across various fields, from engineering to data-driven analytics and innovative marketing. It is also known for its cultural diversity, personal and professional growth apart from having the top universities for pursuing Master's Programs. These factors make it the top country for pursuing a Master's degree.

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